21 Weeks Pregnant: End of the Fifth Month of Your Interesting State

    21 Weeks Pregnant

    At 21 weeks pregnant, you can already start preparing for labor and registering for childbirth classes, since the fifth month of your pregnancy has almost some to an end. Only four months are left until the time you hug your little one for the first time.

    By the 21st week of pregnancy, many moms-to-be have already gained about 4 kg, and further they will keep on gaining weigh faster. An expecting woman looks wonderful: skin, hair and nails rejoice her with their condition. And the state of health should be normal and not overshadowed with anything at this time.

    What is going on

    Pregnancy, as they say, is in full swing. A mom-to-be doesn’t yet have a feeling of fatigue, which causes an increased load on both the back and the pelvis. She doesn’t experience shortness of breath and insomnia. However, at this favorable time a woman can feel some inconvenience as well. But it is connected, rather, not with the real state of things, but with an excessive sensitivity.

    At this time, back pain can occur, but if you stop sitting in one position for a long time, this problem will surely disappear. Learn to relax and listen to your body. The same goes for sleep. The most correct and comfortable position is when you sleep on the ride side. No need to rush around the bed throughout the night; just be ready to sleep soundly in this position in a well-ventilated and a dark room.

    The uterus is already 1 cm above the navel, it squeezes the internal organs. But this shouldn’t cause serious problems. The kid is already pushing hard, and you can’t determine on which side of your tummy he is now developing.

    Your baby

    By the 21st week of pregnancy, the baby’s size has reached about half of her height at birth. But she weighs several times less than she will weigh on the day of her birth: only 360 g.

    So, your baby is as big now as a grapefruit: her height is 18 cm, her weight is 360 g.

    At this week the baby’s digestive system is developing most actively. She continually swallows the amniotic fluid: thus, the baby trains both her lungs and the esophagus. At this stage of pregnancy, a mom-to-be can form the correct taste preferences of her child.

    Baby’s endocrine glands are already working; at 21 weeks, the spleen will join them. Your baby can be very active at night; to help her fall asleep, you can just gently stroke your tummy and even sing a lullaby. The kids already respond to the mother’s voice and her mood.

    More and more maternal love

    An expecting woman more and more feels like a mom, because she literally feels her little one. And you should remember that it’s time to start bringing up your child: even now you can talk with the “tummy dweller”. And it’s even necessary to do! You should always talk to your growing little person in a gentle and calm manner, with warmth and love – he feels everything.

    For the first time, the question of intimate life can surprise a mom-to-be. You have to adapt to your new forms that you don’t manage to do right away. No need to despair, do not refuse from intimacy with your husband (certainly, if the tummy does not hurt and the doctor resolves). Patience and attention will help both of you overcome this delicate moment.

    Do you want to eat? Create a schedule

    You have more difficulty controlling your appetite. But now you should strictly be stuck to your diet: one extra cake and a glass of soda – and you launch the process of a rapid weight gain.

    If you accustom yourself to a certain routine, you’ll find it easy to keep yourself in a great shape until the very childbirth. To do this, you just need to eat according to the scheme: a good hearty breakfast + a second lighter breakfast + a full dinner with not very large portions + a healthy snack + an easy dinner. Of course, that’s a theory. We all are individual, and you should listen to your body and your doctor.

    A pause from taking tests

    Usually, doctors don’t prescribe any special tests, examinations, and ultrasound at the 21th week of pregnancy. The second planned ultrasound is left behind; a series of blood tests and a general urine test an expecting woman takes on the eve of the ultrasound test as a rule.

    If something is bothering a mom-to-be, the doctor will prescribe an individual checkup for her.

    Your feelings

    That’s the time of a real heyday of a mom-to-be: she isn’t gaining weight significantly yet, but one can just admire the forms of a woman in an interesting situation: her high, full breasts and still a small tummy. Both her skin and hair tend to look healthy as well.

    The only nuance is pigmented spots. But not all expecting women will experience these special changes, so, no need to worry about it ahead of time. And the spots won’t always be visible to others. But if they still bother you, you sure will find a way to hide these unattractive spots.

    What can you tell us about your 21th week of pregnancy? Do you have anything to recommend to other moms-to-be?


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