20 Weeks Pregnant: Description, Your Feelings, Fetal Height and Weight

    20 Weeks Pregnant

    Congratulations, you’re 20 weeks pregnant already! It means you’ve passed a halfway point, and the moment when you hug your little one is getting closer and closer. You’ll find it easier to get over the second half of your pregnancy psychologically, since you already had time to fall in love with your little one whose movements have already become tangible.

    It’s time to get the second mandatory ultrasound; you’ll have to take some more tests. Your tummy is growing bigger at the 20th week of pregnancy; you can’t already hide it from curious eyes. The easiest and the safest second trimester continues.

    What is going on

    The uterus rises out of the pelvis and your body gains weight. The belly is getting pointier; the belly button is pushed forward. In some women, breasts are leaking a semitransparent liquid of yellowish color – this is colostrum. You shouldn’t express it; just wipe your breasts with a soft napkin. In the future, it will turn into breast milk. Your breasts can produce the liquid in small amounts up to the very childbirth.

    If the child pushes very hard on belly, maybe she lacks oxygen. You should be in the fresh air more often and maybe start exercising.

    The skin of your tummy stretches because the uterus grows. This can cause slight itching however, special creams and lotions will help to relieve it.

    Your baby

    Your little one is as big as a little coconut: her height is 14-16 cm, her weight is 260 g.

    Baby’s almost all organs and systems are formed, but they still have to improve in the womb.

    The baby can already hear, she distinguishes light from dark, she can suck a finger and turn her head. Most of the time she sleeps, but still does not forget to “play.” The child’s skin became denser; the fat is being accumulated under it. But the baby’s face still resembles an old man’s one, since there is no fat at all.

    At the 20th week the baby opens her eyes for the first time: she already has not only eyelids, but cilia as well. The baby is active, and you feel her moving and kicking.

    Your baby’s position at the 20th week of pregnancy: at this week many children already choose the position head down. But if it is not so in your case, do not even think to worry. Probably, she will turn over more than once.

    Good mood and great appetite

    At 20 weeks you have a wonderful appetite, good health and slight pain somewhere in your body as an exception. Even the heartburn bothers only those moms-to-be, who had problems with the digestive tract before pregnancy.

    All these cause mom’s good mood. If you feel great, you don’t need to give up visiting cafes, museums, public events. You need positive emotions!

    Replace a sweet curd cheese with a fruit

    After your pregnancy has crossed its equator, you will quickly gain weight. This is especially true for moms-to-be who don’t stick to the proper diet. Finally, make your refrigerator look beautifully from the inside: let the glazed sweet curd cheese give way to fruits and vegetables, and replace fruit juices in tetra pack with fresh berry fruit-drink.

    Be sure to eat porridge, buckwheat and oatmeal during this period (they are rich in iron). Cottage cheese with fresh or dried fruits for an early breakfast will be the best option, and in a couple of hours (but not right before sleep), ea some boiled fish or beef.


    At the 20th week you will have to get ultrasound. Also, you’ll have to take both blood and urine tests as well. You shouldn’t be afraid of the second ultrasound: you will see how the baby’s heart beats as she amusingly moves. Most likely, you will learn the sex of the baby.

    Often, it is at 20 weeks moms-to-be are examined on a gynecology chair. It is painless; the doctor will check the condition of the cervix.

    Your feelings

    Take care of your breasts: subsequent unaesthetic look of mammary glands are not related to breastfeeding in any way. Rather, a wrong bra and lack of care of breasts during pregnancy became the cause. Go to a good store and choose a comfortable model of a bra. It’s time to buy a stretch mark removal cream as well.

    If some swelling already appeared at the 20th week, immediately go to the doctor. This phenomenon is not typical for this stage of pregnancy. Tell your doctor about any strange feelings and pain.

    Wear clothes that fit your size, do not get carried away with too narrow clothing. Your shoes should also be comfortable, feel free to wear shoes with wide heels that are 3-5 cm high.

    What can you tell about your pregnancy feelings at the 20th week?


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