1st Birthday Celebration: Interesting Ideas and Practical Tips

    Birthday Celebration

    The first birthday celebration is an exciting event. A baby sees that this day is not usual: there are lots of interesting entertainments, gifts, guests, tasty food. On this day it is important that the child experiences only positive emotions and not gets tired. There are some options how to make your baby’s first birthday party interesting and, at the same time, without overfatigue. Here is one of them.

    How to choose gifts for the one-year-old child’s birthday

    What gifts can you make for the one-year old baby? There is a great variety of the options. But remember that the gift has to be not only bright, but also useful for your little one’s development. Your baby will be inexpressibly glad to:

    – a car moving in different variations;
    – cars, trains, tractors and other vehicles;
    – a lodge or a tent for games;
    – large dolls and different animals;
    – ware sets, food and other accessories;
    – easels and boards for drawing;
    – toys for outdoor games (sports accessories: balls, wheelchairs, carriages, carts);
    – big bright books with dense pages;
    – developmental sets for creativity and construction sets;
    – practical gifts (a sledge, bedding, clothes, footwear, pieces of furniture: little table, stool, dresser, etc.);
    – indoor swings;
    – soft toys (of course if the child has no allergy);
    – inflatable pool with balls;
    – learning activity table’
    – rocking chair.

    and many many other useful and interesting things – the gift list doesn’t come to an end.

    But remember about some gifts to avoid on the first birthday party:

    – toys and sets with fine details;
    – toys for more senior children (of 3 years);
    – toys made of unsafe materials;
    – toys with sharp sounds which can frighten the baby;
    – rattles which won’t be interesting for the baby.

    Preparation for the party: think over all the details

    It is necessary to think over some aspects to make the first birthday party colorful. First of all, consider some rules:

    – duration of the action shouldn’t last long. 2-3 hours for the festive program will be quite enough;
    – activities of the party should be distributed evenly throughout the day – fascinating moments need to be alternated with quieter minutes;
    – exclude all the sudden and too loud sounds (salutes, loud music, etc.) from the party program;
    – let the birthday baby feel being the center of attention – it concerns not only giving presents but also competitions and games;
    – it is better to give presents to the baby not at once but gradually, giving him the chance to consider or try a new thing.

    The most important point is to choose a right place for the event. Remember that the best place for a little child is a familiar situation of his own home. Some parents organize parties outdoors, among relatives, or friends. Sometimes the birthday baby is entertained by a clown or an animator in a special game room. But it should be taken into account that this bright day can be quite stressful for the little kid so he always needs to have an opportunity to rest or even to nap in a silent, cozy, habitual situation. Home in this case is irreplaceable.

    It is also necessary to think over how to decorate the birthday baby’s room. Here are some ideas for party decoration:

    – various inscriptions with capital bright letters (“Happy Birthday!”, “We Congratulate!”, “One Year is Behind and Everything is Ahead!”, etc.);
    – bright garlands, chains, pompons, bows, butterflies and other decorations which can both be bought and hand-made;
    – balloons;
    – baby’s drawings of parents or other children;
    – pictures of the child’s favorite fantastic and animation heroes;
    – a big number “1” on a foreground;
    – kid’s pictures which indicate the little person’s achievements (in the form of a wall newspaper, for example) as well as pictures of his parents;
    – a family tree with photos of the old relatives (if you have an opportunity to find information).

    Mistakes when preparing for the party

    The holiday atmosphere and the baby’s mood in many aspects also depend on guests. You shouldn’t invite a large number of people to the first birthday party: it is too tiresome for the little one, especially when some invited people are not familiar to him. Invite only the closest relatives whom the child constantly communicates with (parents, grandmothers, grandfathers, godparents).

    Some parents invite other children to the party, make up some contests and games for them. It’s an excellent idea when your child sees these peers and plays with them. But it happens extremely seldom, generally children join a collective only after one year of age.

    Holiday scenario: competitions, games and traditions

    1st Birthday Party

    Party scenario prepared in advance will help to celebrate your little one’s birthday in an unusual way. Fill this memorable day with interesting competitions and games so that the guests don’t miss and the birthday baby feels great in a cozy festive situation. Don’t select many entertainments: 4 or 5 of them will be enough. Alternate outdoor, noisy games with quieter entertainments. And don’t forget to prepare some gifts and souvenirs for participants and winners of the competitions.

    Here are some ideas of successful contests and games for the first birthday party:

    What is drawn here?

    What do you need? Several “paintings” created by the birthday baby. Pieces of paper and pens for all participants.

    Task for the guests. Carefully examine the masterpieces and to assume (to write secretly from the other players) that they can mean. Then all the versions are discussed, and the main “art critic” is awarded with a prize.

    What is there in a can?

    What do you need? Cans with different puree for each player. Wrap each can into foil or paper – so that it is impossible to peek food name.

    Task for the guests. Taste each peree and try to guess what it is made of. The correct answers are the winner.

    Find me

    What do you need? 2 sets of photos of different babies of the same age.
    Note: sets of pictures should be the same!

    Task of the guests. Divided into 2 teams, to explore all photos and find the birthday baby. The winners get the souvenirs.


    What do you need? Baby bottles with nipples for each player.

    Task for the guests. To understand what it is to drink from a small bottle with a small hole! Within a minute they need to drink as much water as possible. The corresponding music will add fun to this competition.

    Who the baby looks like?

    What do you need? Names of body parts put in the prepared envelope.

    Task for the guests. Take the pieces of paper with body parts from the envelope in turn and say who the birthday baby looks like by some part of a body. The organizer writes down everything and says the “verdict” at the end. For example, the baby looks like the grandmother three times, the mother five times, the father seven times, etc.

    Build a tower

    What do you need? Plastic empty baby food cans.

    Task for the guests. Within a definite time to build a tower by inserting cans into each other without use of hands. The winner is that one who has the highest tower.

    And finally get simple but valuable advice: don’t forget to imprint the most interesting moments on video.

    The Birthday menu for the one-year-old baby

    Birthday Party

    The holiday menu has to please not only guests but also the birthday baby. His food allowance isn’t so wide at this age so parents need to take care not of a variety of dishes but of their interesting decoration.

    Here are some ideas of the foods you can offer to the one-year-old baby:

    – fruit cutting (it is possible to make it in the form of a nice face, the fairy tale character, or a favorite animal);
    – cookies decorated with slices of fruit. It is great to make unusual candies of fruit and cookies and to wrap them in beautiful wrappers;
    – the main course can be presented festively too. For example, you can lay out a number “1” by slices of vegetables in a plate of dense soup or porridge or decorate a dish with patterns.

    A birthday cake is the main symbol of the party. It must be bright, thematic, with a symbolical inscription and, of course, with a candle which the birthday baby will blow blow solemnly (naturally, with the help of parents). If the cake is homemade and it doesn’t contain bad additives, a small slice of it won’t obviously be harmful for the child.

    The final part of the first Birthday

    The final part of the holiday has to be quiet to prevent your child’s overexcitement. Writing memorable letters to the birthday baby can become a great final stage for the first birthday party. Guests receive the prepared envelopes with blank sheets inside. Each of them (or in couples) writes a wish to the birthday baby and he is to read the letters 16-18 years later. These can be manuals, wishes, life advice, ets. A date is put at the end of the letter, the envelope is sealed and signed by the author. Parents collect letters and put them in a special casket of relics. When their child becomes full age, these letters are given to him solemnly.

    The casket for relics can be intended not only for letters. It is necessary to put here other values too: the first rattle, a label and a medal from the maternity hospital, a candle from the first birthday cake and other memorable things.

    Making the first birthday party interesting is a difficult task. But if parents think over every trifle, the holiday will turn out not simply a bright and unforgettable event, but also an important part of experience and knowledge for the baby.

    How did you celebrate your baby’s first birthday? What ideas can you share? Write your experience below, we love hearing from you!


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