19 Weeks Pregnant: Your Baby Is Signaling


    When 19 weeks pregnant, most women feel already the baby moving. Someone can feel every movement clearly enough, and someone just guesses the first “fluttering of the butterflies.” The future mom slowly gains weight, the hips become wider.

    The baby grows, gains weight as well, she more and more looks like a little man. Your pregnancy is approaching its equator, and this fact can’t but rejoice.

    You have more difficulty choosing a pose for sleep. You cannot already sleep on the stomach. It’s uncomfortable and contradicted that you sleep on the back as well since the uterus can pinch a hollow vein that is unsafe. So there is only one pose available: on a side with a slightly bent leg. By the way, you can place a little pillow under the legs.

    Growth of the uterus can be accompanied by some painful sensations in the pelvis and lower back. Bones begin to diverge little by little and not always painlessly. But you should be worried only about cramping pain in the lower abdomen, and the mild soreness is the norm.

    Don’t sit in one pose for a long time, the chairs with the back are now your “friends”. Do not sit with crossed legs, and definitely you should give up shoes with high heels.

    Your baby

    The little one is already as big as a potato: her height is 13-15 cm, her weight is 200 g.

    The brain of the little one is growing and actively developing. Therefore, her movements get more coordinated now and less chaotic.

    19th week is the time of the baby’s bronchial tree development; her respiratory system is being improved. The sebaceous glands are actively working: they produce a white-gray lubricant, which protects the fetus from the effects of both amniotic fluid and pathogenic microorganisms.

    The fetus is quite quickly developing at the 19th week: her neck has grown stronger and it can already rotate now by 180 degrees.

    The baby is signaling

    Now your life is full of such amazing things like the tactile sensations of your baby and the psychological attachment to them. She is signaling to you by movements, and you are more and more aware of your little one’s real presence.

    Your psychological mood during this stage of pregnancy is usually calm and peaceful. Yes, you can get a bit tired; activities that tire you are contraindicated. Love both yourself and your baby, rest when it is necessary, and be active if you are able to.

    Porridge and beef are the basis of the diet

    Now, you should absolutely avoid any fried and fatty meal as well as spicy and smoked food, food with unnatural additives. Eat a very little amount of pickles and sweets.

    But high calcium and iron foods on the contrary should “register” in your daily diet. And this means that buckwheat, oatmeal, dried apricots, blueberries, tomato juice, and beef are now on the list of your gastronomic preferences.

    Eat a lot, often, but don’t have any snack at night.

    Ultrasound at 19 weeks of pregnancy

    It’s time to check the level of sugar and hemoglobin in the blood, to take urine protein test. If necessary, the doctor will ask you to take a progesterone test.

    Already at the 19th week of pregnancy, you should get the second mandatory ultrasound. The doctor will check the child’s heartbeat, will assess her motor activity, and will diagnose pathologies. Also, he will measure both the baby’s and the uterus size, as well as will assess the condition of the amniotic fluid.

    Your feelings

    A rare mummy now manages to hide her interesting situation. And even if no both pigment spots on the face, enlarged nose and lips give you away, you can hardly keep the rounded tummy in secret. And the weight you gained also shows your interesting state.

    Because of the growth of the uterus, your gait also changes. And it’s time to forget about high heels for a few months.

    Keep on using a stretch mark removing cream; take care of your skin, hair, and nails. If you have some dental problems, you should visit the dentist. At later stages of pregnancy, you’ll feel it hard to sit in a dental chair for a long time.

    How did your baby signal at this week of pregnancy? What were your feelings and preferences?


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