18 Weeks Pregnant: Your Brand New Feelings


    The fifth month goes on, and now you are already 18 weeks pregnant. Many moms-to-be already clearly feel the baby moving, and that brings them a special joy. The tummy at this week is getting bigger, one can easily notice it. But should you hide this highest degree of female beauty?

    Pressure on the navel from the inside – that’s what many expecting women complain about when 18 weeks pregnant. And this is due to the rapidly growing womb. At this stage of pregnancy, it is as big as a small melon.

    What is going on

    A fetus starts moving for the first time exactly at the 18th-22nd week of pregnancy. Both slim women and the ones pregnant more than once can notice the movements earlier, starting from the 16th week of pregnancy.

    As soon as you notice the baby kicking, try to monitor the frequency of these movements. The norm is 4-8 movements per hour. Your doctor must know about all the pain in the lower abdomen. Usually you won’t feel any serious pain at this time.

    Your baby

    Your little one is as big as a mango: her height is almost 14 g, her weight is about 200 g.

    If the baby’s development at 18 weeks is normal, then her toes and legs, as a rule, are already completely formed, and her fingers have phalanges. Moreover, on the tiny finger pads finger prints already appear.

    Baby’s brain is developing. The eyes are still closed, but at 18 weeks the fetus is able to react to light. Your child can distinguish sounds well, therefore she is quite ready to listen to your gentle, pleasant lullabies. And it’s time for the dad to start reading fairy tales to his heir or heiress: the child now needs quiet and tender intonations very much. She is already familiar with pleasant feeling.

    Your baby still can feel free in the uterus – there is enough space. So she is glad to toss and tumble as well as to wave her arms and legs.

    Your feelings

    Very little time has passed sinсe you noticed the first movements, and you no longer can live without these pleasant kicks. Your mood can reflect that. By the 18th week of pregnancy you already got accustomed to be in this interesting situation and put all unnecessary fears aside; your maternal instinct has already kicked in.

    Surround yourself with beautiful things; watch your favorite, romantic movies. No harsh, aggressive music, listen only to both bright and kind melodies. It is very useful now for you to visit exhibitions, museums, and you yourself can take pictures. Thus you’ll feel the charm of your present state more fully.

    Do not forget about soups

    Keep on eating healthy. If you feel good and if you wish, start your day with a hearty breakfast; eat a small bun or two slices of chocolate. Be sure to eat soups on a daily basis, as well as simple vegetable salads and dietary meat. Dinner should be easy and light. It can consist of some curd with fruit or a slice of delicious steamed fish.

    Do not forget about the benefit of cereals, vegetables, and nuts. And if you really want to eat some pasta or potato, let the portion of a vegetable garnish be still greater.

    Do not get carried away with mayonnaise, ketchup, and marinades. Drink a lot of ordinary water, berry juice, and freshly squeezed juice.

    Your ultrasound at 18 weeks

    Between 18 and 22 weeks of pregnancy a woman is to have another ultrasound. It will determine whether the baby is developing correctly, will allow assessing the condition of the placenta and umbilical cord. If possible, be sure to take the baby’s dad with you. First, the doctor will most likely tell you who will appear in your family. Second, having seen the already grown up little one on the monitor of the ultrasound machine, the dad will treat this wonderful time – pregnancy – a different way.

    He will already see the real child, and will wait to hold his baby with the same impatience as his mother.

    Have no worries and fears of ultrasound – the baby feels everything, let him be calm and cozy in the womb of her mother.

    Wear bright clothes!

    By this time your weight can increase by 4,5 – 6 kg. The tummy is still small, but it already significantly changes a figure of a woman. Emphasize all your beauty with dresses, bright blouses, and elegant trousers with an elastic band on your tummy.

    Now you are incredibly beautiful, and let the whole world admire you!

    What were or are your feelings when 18 weeks pregnant?


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