17 Weeks Pregnant: the Fifth Month of Wonder

    17 Weeks Pregnant

    When 17 weeks pregnant, it means that you are already 5 months pregnant. It’s a favorable time not marred by any negative feelings. However, some changes you still feel: perhaps this will be bleeding gums, increased sweating, or profuse vaginal discharges.

    If you rest much, go to sleep on time, and do not bother yourself with excessive troubles, then the fifth month of pregnancy begins just fine for you.

    What is going on

    The uterus is growing now not in width but upwards. Therefore, a little pain can accompany this process. Unfortunately, the satellites of this phenomenon can be an unpleasant heartburn, shortness of breath, and frequent urination. But you won’t necessarily experience all these signs.

    Thrush can get worse at the 17th week of pregnancy. The doctor will tell you how to combat it. But, in any case, you will have to stop eating sweets.

    You can also notice that your heartbeat became more frequent. This happens because the placenta is carrying nutrients thought the vessels. A high heart activity can result in bleeding gums, so you’ll have to visit the dentist to learn some secure means for rinsing your mouth. You can start sweating harder, but don’t you worry. Just take a shower more often and use a good deodorant without harsh odors.

    Your baby

    Your little one is as big now as a pear: her height is up to 14 cm, her weight is 200 g.

    This week the baby’s immune system starts working; her body begins to produce its immunoglobulin and interferon. Now, in case her mother gets ill, the baby is defensed.

    This week the baby is quite active and can sometimes be frightened by sharp sounds.

    Under the skin of the child fat is already formed which will later help to regulate her body heat. Baby’s heart is practically formed and it copes well with its function. In girls at this time the uterus begins to form.

    At the 17th week of pregnancy, buds of the permanent teeth start hardening. The adrenal glands actively produce hormones, the pituitary works actively. The kid hears voices and is able to feel all her mother’s emotions.

    All these changes in the child’s body structure confirm her correct development.

    When the course of pregnancy is normal, your doctor doesn’t appoint ultrasound at the 17th week.

    Slight fatigue and the first communication

    Even if something troubles you like poor sleep due to the lack of habitual postures, or constant heartburn, try not to cast down. Remember that the baby responds to your both emotions and mood. The stirs of the child, as a rule, are the proof. Talk to your baby, it’s so important for her to communicate even at this early stage of development.

    Get plenty of rest, ask relatives to help you with the housework. There is nothing wrong if you can’t cope with the usual volume of household chores.

    Traditions of a “pregnant” diet

    Heartburn, constipation, and increased flatulence can occur at this stage. And there’s only one way to help your body: it is a proper nutrition. Eat often but in small portions. Each meal should be useful; it is better not to eat dishes mad of various components. Your digestive system now doesn’t definitely need such a load.

    Be sure to eat daily whole grain bread, cereals, fruits and vegetables, dairy products.


    If you detected some unusual vaginal discharges, urgently visit the doctor. The doctor will analyze the smear of these secretions and establish their nature.

    Purulent, yellow or green discharges must put on your guard, as well as those with flakes and bad smell. It’s the sign of reproductive tract infections.

    It is also can be a sign of exacerbation of thrush, which also requires treatment. Normal are considered light and milky discharges, homogeneous in composition with a slightly sour smell.

    Your feelings

    The changes are likely to be visible. Your nose swells a bit, lips grow bigger, cheeks get rosy.

    Your tummy at the 17th week of pregnancy significantly increases, you can hardly hide it from the others. Sometimes one can see the baby’s stirs not ever touching your tummy.

    Wear only comfortable clothes, otherwise shortness of breath and a feeling of suffocation will seriously torment you.

    What did you feel when 17 weeks pregnant?


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