16 Weeks Pregnant: Your Baby Starts Moving

    16 Weeks Pregnant

    Your baby at 16 weeks pregnant is quickly growing, your belly is getting more round; everything is going on as usual; a mom-to-be no more suffers from nausea and mood fluctuations; she enjoys this serene time to the fullest.

    A woman expecting a second baby has all the chances to feel her first movements of the baby. A mom’s-to-be appetite is excellent; she doesn’t have to run to the bathroom often – that’s a wonderful state. And it’s time to start preventing stretch marks and excess weight.

    What is going on

    At this stage of pregnancy nothing should cause any pain or sickness. An expecting woman can feel a slight weakness and fatigue, but neither pain in the lower abdomen nor bad feeling should worry her. If, however, you notice something like that, you need to consult the doctor.

    Your breasts are growing bigger, and their pain decreases. If earlier it could even interfere with your sleep, now, most likely, this phenomenon will fade into history.

    Some expecting women at this time experience the most long-awaited event – the baby starts moving. The first fetal movements at 16 weeks pregnant can be well felt, and a woman doesn’t even often realize that it is them. Baby’s kicks may resemble light movements, as if butterflies started fluttering inside you with their thin wings.

    Your baby

    Your baby is as big as an avocado: her height is 11 cm, her weight is 100-120 g.

    Baby already holds the neck straight; she learned to turn the head to a side. Her heart is working hard, and the liver began to perform its digestive function as well. The kidneys and the bladder also started actively working. Your little one urinates every 45 minutes.

    The doctor can already tell you what happens in the baby’s circulatory system. Blood is fully composed: at this stage of pregnancy both the blood type and Rh factor can already be determined. Fetal hemoglobin is still produced in the blood. However, only six months after the birth, normal hemoglobin in the baby will substitute fetal one.

    You are getting more optimistic

    Hormones have already returned to normal: you are calm and not worried about anything. You feel fit and full of energy, your thoughts are optimistic, and there’s so much you want to do!

    You are no more worried about the baby’s life: in the second trimester, miscarriages are a rare phenomenon. If you are not superstitious, you can already buy clothes for your little one. And even though you probably don’t know the child’s sex, start buying clothes of neutral colors.

    Hearty breakfast – light dinner

    By this time, an expecting woman often gains about 2-2,5 kg. Try to eat small portions 4-5 times a day. Never skip breakfast; it should be nutritious and healthy. But dinner on the contrary should be light. You need to significantly limit the amount of salt you eat.

    Your feelings

    At 16 weeks pregnant, the belly of an expecting woman has apparently grown bigger. When pregnant the second time, it will be more noticeable, for the muscles and ligaments are stretched.

    It’s quite possible, that the dark line on the belly, which leads from the navel to the pubis, will darken a bit even more. Pigmentation can occur on the forehead, cheeks, nose, and around the eyes. After the childbirth, these changes will disappear.

    Your breasts are increased, make sure that the lingerie you wear is comfortable, not cramped. Pay attention to the condition of your teeth and gums. If you have some problems, do not hesitate to visit the dentist, for this time is the most suitable.

    What do or did you feel when 16 weeks pregnant? Your experience can help and support other moms-to-be.


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