15 Weeks Pregnant: Changes in Your Body and How to Deal with Them

    15 Weeks Pregnant

    Every mom-to-be when 15 weeks pregnant feels good, has an excellent appetite, feels no pain, but what disappoints her?

    It is the stage of pregnancy when she notices some changes in her body: the skin has become dry, brittle nails and hair falls out more than usual.

    At the same time the baby is developing well and is intensively getting ready for life “outside her mom.” So, what’s the reason for these external changes and how can you deal with them?

    What is going on

    A female body needs more and more calcium and other nutrients. Do not rely only on vitamins. The food you eat must provide you with so much needed elements as well. When nighttime leg cramps began to torment a mom-to-be, the lack of calcium is obvious.

    The uterus is increasingly growing and moving into the abdominal cavity. Thus it presses less on the bladder, and an expecting woman urinates not so frequently already.

    But the uterus will likely press on the intestines, and a woman can experience some troubles with stools. To avoid constipation, you need to make some changes in your diet.

    Increase of the circulating blood volume causes body’s need for iron. Lack of this element can cause anemia in pregnant women: they feel dizziness, weakness, and “flies” before the eyes.

    Cardiovascular changes occur in the body of a mom-to-be resulting in changes of blood pressure. This can be a cause for minor nosebleeds or bleeding gums. You should start monitoring your blood pressure.

    If you experience suffocation at night, don’t you worry, this can really happen.

    Your baby

    Your little one is now as big as an orange: her height is 93-103 mm; her weight is 50 g.

    External genitals are already differentiated, and therefore, an ultrasound at 15 weeks of pregnancy can already determine a sex of the fetus.

    Legs are keeping on growing, they have become even longer than arms. Baby’s eyes are getting closer, the ears have almost developed. Little hair is keeping on appearing on the body. The pituitary gland, sweat and sebaceous glands began to actively work.

    The fetus is still reddish but the skin is already not so transparent. The baby has become more active, and the mom will soon feel his first movements.

    And if the baby’s hair and eyelashes were colorless earlier, now you have a blond or a brunet, or even redheaded. But be patient – the modern ultrasound cannot still show such nuances.

    You are active or oblivious

    Have you noticed that you became more forgetful and absent-minded? Don’t you worry, such signs are quite normal for this stage of pregnancy. But do not give up working mentally: you’ll remember the piece of information you learn or read for a long time.

    And for some women this is a time when they are full of high energy and are incredibly active. And that’s okay too. But do not overdo with the exercises, take care of your sleep and rest.

    Cottage cheese is a must!

    The main physiological problem at this stage of pregnancy is constipation. The proper food will help to prevent it:

    – fruits and vegetables;
    – whole grain breads;
    – cereals;
    – dairy products;
    – be sure to eat sprouted grains.

    To compensate the lack of calcium, eat cottage cheese for breakfast. Only cottage cheese but not glazed curd snacks and sweet cheese curd.

    Drink up to 2 liters of water per day; when it’s cold outside, include berry fruit drinks – they will also help you prevent colds.

    Visit your dentist

    If you feel good and your pregnancy is okay, no need to take special tests at this stage. Use this time to visit your dentist. Toxemia doesn’t bother you anymore, anesthesia is not dangerous, and your teeth really need protection.

    If you didn’t have time to deal with your dental problems before pregnancy, the second trimester is the time to do that.

    Changes in appearance

    Your pregnancy is getting more visible, your breasts have slightly increased and the belly has rounded, you may want to wear a loose-fitting clothing.

    But most of all the pregnancy affects the state of your skin – hormones are a reason. More dark spots can appear, freckles become more visible, halos around the nipples are getting darker, and you see a dark line (Linea Nigra, lat.) on your belly. The doctors do not exactly know its nature. After the childbirth, when the hormones return to normal, pigmentation will be seen much less or disappear at all. There will be no trace of the dark line as well.

    The bigger your belly and breasts are getting, the more load is on the skin. It is possible that you’ll begin to notice stretch marks on the abdomen and thighs as well. From the physiological point of view stretch marks are microtraumas of the connecting tissue. These can appear due to hyperextension of the skin and hormonal changes. It is easier to prevent appearance of stretch marks than to have then difficulties dealing with them. And preventive measures are:

    – proper nutrition;
    – healthy lifestyle;
    – wellness;
    – cold and hot showers;
    – special creams and gels.

    In many women sebaceous glands on the face begin to work more actively. You feel like you’re 13 years old again – the skin glitters, some pimples and blackheads have appeared. To stay beautiful and interesting you should and need to visit a beautician. Moreover, such visits always bring lots of positive emotions, which is also important during pregnancy.

    However, you won’t stand all procedures (like hair removal) at this stage due to increase of pain threshold and sensitivity. But you can care of the skin on your own. If you have dark spots, do you not worry – they appear due to hormonal changes and will disappear after the childbirth. It is only a cosmetic defect, and you can easily fix it with your makeup. If it’s summer, you should stay little time in the sun. Probably you’ll have to change some items in your cosmetic bag. Many of them you use daily can cause allergies or irritation.

    They say that during pregnancy it’s better not to dye your hair, not to perform permanent waves. And what’s the doctor’s opinion? Well, when pregnant, you can do everything to stay beautiful, and from medical point of view, haircut and hair coloring are not harmful. But prefer ammonia free hair color brands – they are not so invasive, and less harmful substances will be there in your bloodstream.

    Whether you use makeup or not, remember that now you are amazingly beautiful. It is a unique beauty of a pregnant woman who shines form the inside out waiting for a miracle to come.

    What are or were your feelings and changes during the 15th week of pregnancy? Tell us your stories!


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