14 Weeks Pregnant: One of the Most Favorable Stages

    14 Weeks Pregnant

    You are already 14 weeks pregnant. So now you feel good, people around you still are not aware of your secret, and the baby already requires communication with you. He hears your voice, feels your mood, so it’s time to start talking to the little one.

    Perhaps, your appetite will increase; your body will need more protein. Do not let yourself to overeat, but have a proper nutrition.

    What are you feeling?

    Your tummy is moving up and is already noticeably rounded. You still can hide it with certain clothing, but if you put on to something tight, one will easily notice the roundness.

    When lying on the sofa at home, you can find the uterus through the abdominal wall. Women expecting a second baby already await the first movements of the little one. But if this did not happen, you will surely start feeling your baby tossing and turning by the 18th-20th week of pregnancy. You will feel a slight “fight” in the tummy. This way your baby lets you know about him, he comes into contact with you.

    A woman starts gaining weight, but the reason for that is the increase in circulating blood volume. But a moderate appetite is still needed otherwise you won’t benefit from weight gain.

    Your baby

    Your baby is now as big as an apple: his height is 8.7 cm, his weight is 43 g.

    At this time, the fetus is growing very fast and is rapidly gaining weight. If you could look at the baby, you’d see that he looks like a newborn. However, he is very skinny, but there’s no need to accumulate fatty tissue for now: currently the development and improvement of inner organs and systems are most important.

    The child already has eyebrows and eyelashes, and his facial expression is quite well developed. The little one already sucks a finger and he likes it. When the mom eats something sweet, the taste of amniotic fluid changes: the child likes it and swallows it more often. The baby’s feelings get more diverse. Sensitivity of the skin is increased, as well as the taste buds are being developed.

    During the 14 week of pregnancy it is still not possible to identify the baby’s sex but the development of his genitals almost completes.

    Emotions: emotional confusion is gone

    Psycho-emotional state of an expecting woman gets back to normal. At this time she is almost got used to her special condition, she can see her life priorities changing. A mom-to-be gets psychologically ready to her new mission so she feels acutely everything connected with the baby.

    At this time she can no longer be afraid of nervous breakdown, mood jumps: a mom-to-be became much calmer, her condition is now peaceful, and she doesn’t react to the bustle of the world around.

    Body demands beans and beef

    Since the baby’s muscular system is actively developing and he moves more, his mom’s body would require more protein. Boiled beef and beans should be in your everyday diet. Do not forget about the fiber as well, so eat fruits and vegetables intensively.

    Limit the amount of sweets and pastry you eat; eat them for lunch in small quantities. And you shouldn’t eat for two: you don’t need overweight at this stage of pregnancy.

    Perhaps it is the 14th week when the doctor prescribes intake of a vitamin complex.

    Tests are no longer necessary

    If an expecting woman feels good she doesn’t need to take any special tests. Most likely, you have already taken all the necessary ones, ultrasound screening, and rest from visits to the doctor now.
    You can take urinalysis and blood test if the doctor requests. If you have any complaints, the doctor will prescribe additional tests.

    What’s going on during the 14th week?

    This is the 14th week of pregnancy when birthmarks and papilloma appear on a mom’s-to-be body. They are not dangerous, but it’s better to tell your doctor about these changes.

    The belly is growing, and therefore stretch marks can appear on the skin: it is time to buy a special cream or even olive oil to grease your tummy.

    Your walk is already beginning to change, so it’s time to put the shoes with high heels on a shelf. Pregnancy is not a reason not to want to be beautiful; on the contrary, your inner glow gives you a special charm. So, a beautiful hairstyle, light make-up, and a comfortable stylish clothes will make you the most charming mom-to-be.

    Dear moms, what were you feeling during this stage of pregnancy? Share your stories and experience with us, these will surely help other moms-to-be!


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