14 Best Ways to Spend Christmas Vacation as a Family

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    Christmas vacation is created so that the whole family can spend the time together, get closer to each other. Parents, always busy working and solving various problems, can finally talk enough with their children. Try to make the vacation interesting and memorable for all the family members.

    It’s better if you plan the vacation ahead of time. Combine the noisy outdoor activities with the quiet ones.

    What are the activities the whole family can be involved with?

    Thematic days

    Make some days thematic ones, you can spend them by playing an interesting game or taking a trip. For example, “hello to fairy tales” or “skating in the evening”. When making a script with the children, be creative. Choose the activities that both kids and you will enjoy, since parents also want to spend interesting days off and take their mind off from the daily routine.

    Children’s holiday

    Come up with some fun activities both for your kids and their friends. These cannot be necessarily only Christmas plays. Invite your kids’ best friends, entertain the kids, organize funny contests and quizzes. Children will be happy to spend the time with their peers.


    If your tradition custom is to visit your grandparents or going to the circus, then keep up the old traditions on Christmas vacation and come up with some new family traditions and rituals, and be sure to keep up them in the future. Have all members of the family participate in them. These will make all of you closer to each other.

    Trade fairs

    During the Christmas holidays all kinds of fairs are often arranged. Go there with the children. You can not only buy there some interesting things and unique gifts, but also participate in variou funny activities, master classes and lotteries.

    Walk around the city

    Take a tour around the festive city. Bright show-windows, decorated trees, the Christmas tree will leave indifferent neither you, nor your children. Plan the route ahead of time if the objects are not too far apart, walk on foot. Organize a family photo shoot. Finish your walk in a warm cozy cafe.

    Snowy joy

    Build some snowmen, as well as towers and fortresses of snow with the children. Make a real snowball fight. Organize the best snow figure competition. And at the end of the event, give all the participants some prizes and diplomas. Children will remember these games for a long time, and you can fool around and laugh enough.

    The performance begins

    As a rule, during the Christmas holidays, various malls and theaters offer you to visit performances for the whole family. Do not deny yourself and the children to enjoy them. Choose something most interesting: a theatrical performance, quests, staging, etc.

    Master classes

    If your children have a hobby, visit the master class. Learn together something new. Perhaps, this will be an interesting discovery both for you or your children.


    Go to the theater with your family. Do not think that you’ll get bored when watching a children’s play. You will see your favorite artists playing an unusual role. Moreover, during Christmas holidays, visiting artists often present premieres, so you have an opportunity to visit an unusual performance.

    Active rest day

    Head with the kids to an ice rink or just go sledging. Kids will enjoy such simple winter activities. Go to the place with a nice steep hill, and you’ll surely get unforgettable impressions.

    If you have an opportunity to go to the mountains, then there is no need to worry about the entertainment for the whole family.


    Make visits. Changing the situation is useful both for children and you. Especially if there are kids in the family you are going to visit. New friends with their own toys will come in handy.

    Entertainment malls

    You can go to an entertainment mall with the children. There, the kids will play and jump enough, and you will have an opportunity to talk with your friends and relax.

    Family theater

    If lots of your relatives visit you during the holidays, organize a theatrical performance. Let all the relatives select the roles, and you will be a script writer. Read a funny play, which all the others should depict. You can prepare toys and dolls ahead of time, then the theater will become a puppet.

    Christmas day

    Remember the traditions of your ancestors; embody them with your children.

    It’s not difficult to entertain kids during the holidays: listen to their wishes, study posters, be creative. Forget about the quarrels, mutual claims; let the time, spent together, become unrepeatable for you.

    And how are you planning to spend your Christmas vacation with your family?


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