13 Weeks Pregnant: End of the First Trimester

    13 Weeks Pregnant

    Being 13 weeks pregnant means that the first trimester full of fears and troubles is over, as well as you’ve had the first screening and registered in a maternity center. It’s a pretty quiet stage of pregnancy: it’s time to think about pleasant things, to dream about the future and to choose clothing for your baby.

    But your wellness is not a reason that you relax completely – it’s time to prevent swelling, constipation, and other unpleasant phenomena.

    What’s going on inside you?

    Fortunately, a mom’s-to-be hormones begin to “calm down.” She notices her mood swings gradually fading; many anxieties seem to be absurd now. Nausea has gone, appetite has improved, and frequent urination has stopped bothering her too.

    The uterus is growing bigger and is already moving into the abdominal cavity. At this stage, the internal organs begin to shift, which can cause apnea and heartburn. Having walked for a long time you can feel heaviness in your legs, fatigue will be stronger than usual. Therefore, walk slowly, rest for a longer time.

    The tone of the uterus is increased. If you often feel tension in it you have to visit the doctor. As soon as you experience “petrification” in your belly, lie down, reduce stress.

    Your baby

    Your little one is growing literally by the hour. The baby is as big as a nectarine now: his size is already 7.8 cm; his weight is about 20g.

    Just imagine, by this time all the baby’s teeth are already developed, you should only wait for the moment you can see them. The child’s pancreas “learned” to produce the first insulin. The body is also already beginning to grow rapidly, and he head soon won’t be so big. Despite your baby’s small size, he is moving almost all the time. It’s necessary for the normal development of his muscles and limbs, and only during the short sleep the baby is resting.

    At this time, baby’s mussels and bone tissue are developed. And there’s a progress in the development of his digestive system: important villi appear, which will participate in food processing. Baby’s vocal apparatus is developed at the 13th week, and his look begins to acquire its characteristic features.

    Your mood

    It becomes difficult for some women to hide their “interesting” condition. The belly still may not be noticeable at the 13th week, but change of clothing and appearance of flat shoes in your wardrobe give you away.

    If your pregnancy was your secret throughout the entire first trimester, now you can stop worrying and tell your close people and friends about it. That is the reason for a good mood, self-confidence, and greater openness. You are full of peace and rest.

    Your diet: the bare minimum of sweets and starchy foods

    As soon as your morning sickness fades, you might want to eat literally everything. But you need to surely control your diet otherwise you will begin to gain extra weight ahead of time. And this can cause various complications.

    You can eat sweets, pastry, salty and fried foods but in very small amounts. Heartburn often follows morning sickness, so dieting is not just important but a must as well.

    When shopping, put bran bread, cheese, fruits and vegetables, grains, lean meat first into your basket.


    If you already had your screening test, and you had the basic number of tests before registration in a maternity center, so you will be offered only urinalysis before going to your doctor.

    Usually a vaginal smear is tested by a doctor dermatologist and venerologist at the 12th week of pregnancy, but sometimes it happens a week later. It is safe and unpainful. This survey will help to reveal the condition of your vaginal flora and whether you have any genitourinary diseases.

    What do you feel?

    Your breasts are still sensitive and can grow in size, so you will have to change your usual bra for it becomes tight. A woman starts leaking colostrum (discharge from the nipples) as early as the 13th week of pregnancy. Don’t worry, such discharge is normal.

    You may notice some pigmentation on the face and body: light brown spots on the face, darkening peripapillary area, dark strip from the navel to the pubis. This, too, is a result of hormonal changes in your body and will disappear after the childbirth.

    If you haven’t yet bought the pants with elastic waist, it’s time to do that. You will look even more beautiful in them.

    What did or do you experience during the 13th week of pregnancy? Share your stories with the rest of us. We love hearing from you!


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