123 Songs – Activity for 5 Month Old Baby

    123 songs

    Before singing 123 songs first of all prepare 5-6 toys that represent living beings – a doll, a cat, a dog, a bear, etc. Tell your baby about the toys: This is a doll, she says mummy. This is a cat, he says meow. This is a dog, he says woof-woof. Give the toys to your baby one by one and let him manipulate them for a few seconds, while you are saying: This is a dog, he says woof-woof, etc.

    Then teach the baby about I do see, I don’t see. Show him this action by covering and uncovering your own eyes with one hand and ask the baby: I don’t see you, where are you, dear? Touch the air with the other hand as if seeking for the baby, this will likely make him laugh. I see you, peek-a-boo! You should express as much positive emotions as you can, laugh and clap your hands when you open your eyes and see the little one. You can also use sign language here: point to yourself when saying I, attach a flat palm to the forehead when saying see, and point to your baby when saying you.

    Then put the toys in a raw and count them: one, two, three, four, five, six. You can also act like this: if you have 2 cats or five dogs, remove some toys and leave 2, 5, or 4 ones. When opening the eyes, say: I see 2 cats, I see 5 dogs, etc.

    If the baby wants, you can close his eyes or cover his head with a piece of cloth. Then the baby will seek you: You don’t see me. Where am I? Peek-a-boo, here I am! Or you can close your eyes with his hand. You are free to create an endless number of variants of playing the game, just listen to your baby, to his desire and mood.

    And the last step is to sing the songs. You are free to create any melody you like.

    One, two, three,
    Who do I see?
    I see kitty,
    One, two, three.

    And keep on listing all the “living” toys you’ve chosen. While singing, count your and baby’s fingers.

    Another variant of the game is to sing “What do I see”. For this purpose, choose the toys that represent the inanimate beings: a car, a block, a cup, etc. And sing:

    One, two, three,
    What do I see?
    I see the cup,
    One, two, three.

    You should know

    – The baby learns about the concepts of Who and What as well as how to ask questions.

    – The songs help practice one of the baby’s senses – vision.

    – This encourages the first skills of counting.

    – Touching and moving baby’s fingers and palms contribute to his faster language development.

    – Enjoy the time together with your little one and strengthen bonding between you!


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