12 Weeks Pregnant: Safest Stage of Pregnancy Has Begun

    12 Weeks Pregnant

    What miracles can you await now that you are 12 weeks pregnant? Doctors say that the 12th week of pregnancy is a baby’s first anniversary. You can congratulate yourself – you’ve overcome the third part of this amazing way, the most troublous trimester is over. The risk of miscarriage is extremely low now, so, you can tell the relatives, friends, and even the chief about your secret.

    You have already got registered at your local maternity center, and now you will visit your doctor every 3-4 weeks. As a rule the state of your health is getting better, and the baby keeps on growing.

    How are you doing at the 12th week of pregnancy?

    Morning sickness is fading gradually, and some women have completely forgotten about it at the 12th week of pregnancy. Finally you can enjoy your food! Frequent urinations are likely to stop torturing you as well. The gut activity is being reduced, and hence, there is a high chance of constipation.

    A woman can feel that the heart rate is increased as a result of an increased blood flow. The uterus has grown by 10 cm in width; there’s little space for it in the pelvis already, it is rising into the abdominal cavity.

    Load on the heart, lungs, and kidneys is being increased, so don’t let yourself get too tired, overeat and violate your routine other ways.

    How is your baby developing?

    Your little one already looks more like a human, but the head is still bigger than the body. And though the limbs are still quite small, they have already been formed. Your baby is already as big as a lemon: his height is 7-10 cm and his weight is 15-20 g.

    Baby’s internal organs are formed, and thus, both infections and impact of medications are already not so dangerous for him. Your little one already has the eyelids, which close his eyes; earlobes have also appeared. And there are nails on the little fingers.

    The child has learned to pucker his lips, to clench his fists, to pull faces, to open and close his mouth. Your baby has learned to urinate, and he can even swallow the liquid around him. The brain is divided into two hemispheres.

    Your mood is very changeable

    You are not yet emotionally stable, sudden panic attacks or unexpected rises of mood are normal during this period. The same hormones are still responsible for the mood, so the emotional swings can occur several times a day.

    If your doctor allows, do pregnancy exercises: these will be useful both for your body and mind. Autogenic training will also be of great help: just every morning while standing in front of the mirror, stroke your tummy and say the words of love to your kid and, of course, to yourself.

    Rules of nutrition: no any fast food and soda

    Your nutrition during this period should be quite diverse; prefer fruits and vegetables – your body now needs cellular tissue like never before.

    Drink up to 2 liters of water a day, do not buy sweet drinks and juice boxes. You better pass by the fast food restaurants.

    Do not skip your meals, don’t eat much before bedtime otherwise heaviness in the abdomen and frequent trips to the bathroom won’t let you sleep.

    Ultrasound at 12 weeks of pregnancy

    Now it is time to have a screening test. Be sure to have a biochemical test of the venous blood. All the tests at this and the next stages of your pregnancy are safe both for the baby’s health and your well-being.

    It is time for the first scheduled ultrasound test. The doctor will examine the condition of your uterus, its tone, will define the location of the placenta, will be able to set a preliminary date of the childbirth. As well as he will estimate the fetal size and the dynamics of its development.

    The doctor also gets the most important information: examines the risks of possible pathologies or chromosomal abnormalities. Don’t skip this ultrasound tests, they are very important.

    Your feelings

    People around don’t yet see your rounded tummy. But you, when standing in front of the mirror, notice the visible changes. Often at this period women stop wearing trousers with zipper and buttons and prefer clothes with elastic stretchy part around the waist. A woman can often feel “tightness” in the abdomen area, even if the clothes don’t tightly fit the body.

    The breasts are growing bigger in size, and the skin may start itching as a result. Perhaps it is time to change the bra. It is worth noting the importance of the material quality clothes for pregnant women are made of. It should be natural with cotton fibers and not to cause unpleasant sensations when contacting the body.

    A 12 weeks pregnant woman can notice dark spots on the skin of the body and the face, but no need to worry – they will disappear after the childbirth. Don’t worry about the dark stripe on the tummy as well – it will also disappear after the childbirth.

    It is time to change your clothes, choose a cream for stretch marks and enjoy your wonderful life stage, some new sensations are very pleasant and make you feel good.

    How were or are you doing at the 12th week of your pregnancy? Your stories and experience can greatly help and support other moms-to-be.


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