12 Hilarious Games with Blanket and Pillows


    All the little kids love to play and have merry time with the parents, and hilarious games with blanket and pillows will give both you and your little ones lots of fun and laughs. Here are just a few ideas.


    Construct a nest, a hole, a den, a hovel, a tepee, a house, a castle, a tent (do not forget to take a torch), a sailing ship, etc. and play games and role plays in these situations.


    In a pillow: the child is between the pillowcase and the pillow. Dad is holding the corners of the pillowcase and is slightly throwing it;
    on the pillow: the child is on his back as a ladybug, Dad is throwing the pillow again;
    – the child is jumping on the pillow like on a trampoline.

    Princess and the pea

    The child is climbing on a huge pile of pillows and is rolling down.


    Run in a blanket and scare each other

    Turtle family

    Crawl on all fours with the pillows on your backs so that the pillows do not fall down.


    The blanket is a sea, and the pillows are the islands, river and stones, mud and hillocks. Cross from one bank to another.

    Hide and seek

    Hide yourself, hide the toys and the child.

    Flying saucer

    “Drop” a pillow from above on the child, lying on his back, so that it freezes a few inches from his nose. Voice the aliens’ demands. Usually, it’s something like: “Sleep, Earthman!


    Have a picnic on the blanket, play the beach.


    Roll the baby in a blanket like a stuffed roll. While rolling tickle, stroke and squeeze the child, thus making him giggle.


    Rock the baby in the blanket, holding it by the corners.

    Winter sports

    Sledge: carry the child on the floor in different positions – sitting, lying.
    Skiing: carry the child on the blanket, the child is standing and holding the upper edge of the blanket.

    You should know

    – These games allow you to know and feel both you and your child better.

    – The games develop imagination and fantasy, courage and confidence.

    – These are lots of fun and good mood!


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