11 Immune-Boosting Foods for Kids

    Immune-Boosting Foods

    What we eat affects our immune system directly, and that’s why we can make our kids’ health stronger with the help of immune-boosting foods for they contain all vitamins and minerals necessary for strengthening your little one’s immunity. Besides, you can always use some practical advice on your kid’s healthy diet that will beef up your child’s body defenses.

    1. Kefir and yoghurt. These contain probiotics (live lactic acid bacteria) that keep intestinal flora at a healthy level and boost your kid’s immunity system.
    You can start giving your kid kefir at the age of 8 months, and you can let your precious little one try yoghurt at the age of 18 months.

    2. Apples. They normalize intestinal flora and are really great for better digestion. It should be noted that apples keep their useful properties during all the winter months, and loose the most of their vitamins only in February.

    It’s recommended to eat apples when your kid has a cold or is sick with flu, anemia, gets tired too often or after the sickness to increase energy.

    3. Carrot. This is real (and quite powerful) medicine in itself. It boosts up your defenses against viruses, helps you feel much better in case you have anemia or feel general weakness. Besides, it contains betacarotenes which is good for better sight.

    You can grate carrots or make some carrot juice. And if your child suffers from diarrhea you can give your little one some boiled carrots. To keep all the useful and wholesome things inside you should steam-cook the carrots.

    4. Honey. It’s not just a yummy sweet substance for your kids to enjoy — it’s extremely wholesome and good for your health: honey is one of the greatest natural immunity boosters known to mankind. It strengthens your immune system, helps curing colds and positively affects the functioning of your blood circulatory system. But remember that you should use it with care: honey is quite allergenic.

    In case you don’t know what kind of honey will be the best one for your kid, choose lime or buckwheat. Add a teaspoon of honey to your child’s tea a couple of times a week.

    5. Walnuts. Walnuts are rich with omega-3 fatty acids that are wholesome on every single level. Experts hold that omega-3 help your body fight any ailments attacking it. One of the studies confirmed that omega-3 acids decrease the number of respiratory infections among children. You can add walnuts to porridge or yoghurt.

    6. Beetroot. This wonderful vegetable is great to prevent the risk of anemia, has a strong anti-inflammatory effect and makes your nervous system function much better. Just a small portion of beetroot salad will boost your child’s appetite. Beetroot is great to eat when your kid is sick: first of all, it’s digested easily and second, it causes no discomfort when swallowing (in case your child has a sore throat).

    7. Parsley. One teaspoon of minced parsley is enough for your kid to get a daily value of vitamins and minerals. Thanks to almost all types of vitamins, calcium, potassium, iron and phosphorus contained in parsley, it will be of great help during colds and flu.

    Just don’t forget to add some cut parsley leaves when cooking a soup, a stew or some mashed potatoes.

    8. Sea fish. It’s the main source of unsaturated fatty acids that positively affect the way your brain and nervous system function. And yeah, they boost your immunity system too.

    9. Turkey and other types of lean meat. Turkey is the best type of meet you can get if healthy diet is your goal. They recommend it to highly allergic individuals for a reason. It’s rich with proteins, B vitamins, iron, zinc and magnesium, and it enhances your body’s defenses and if good for preventing anemia.

    10. Wheat grain. Any kind of porridge contains lots of vitamins and minerals. It’s digested easily and helps a better digestion too. Please note that if your child is allergic to gluten, wheat grain porridge is a no-no.

    11. Onion and garlic. These are so popular because they contain phytoncids that kill malicious bacteria and boost your immunity.

    Here is some advice on boosting your kid’s immune system

    Choose healthy food. Don’t just focus on berries and grain products which allegedly do wonders. Yes, they are wholesome, but they are not a cure-all. Instead, it’s better to give your kids all kinds of fruit and vegetables, wholegrain products and foods rich with proteins.

    More is less. While one kiwi fruit is okay and healthy but it doesn’t mean that your child must eat 10 of those at one go. Large portions do not help. As soon as your child’s body gets everything it needs from this product or another, the rest will be useless.

    No food products can stop your kid from being sick with cold or flu. If your kid is ill, it doesn’t mean that he wasn’t eating healthy foods. Being sick from time to time is natural.

    Natural products. Yes, orange juice does contain vitamin C but it would be much better to give your kid an orange instead of it. Besides the mentioned vitamin C it contains much more nutritional stuff than juice does. As a rule, natural food products contain a lot more of vitamins and minerals than various supplements and processed products do.

    And remember that the main factor in maintaining your child’s immune system on a satisfactory level is a psychological environment. If your child is mentally unstable, strong immunity is out of question. A healthy child is the one who gets all his parents’ love and care in full measure.

    Did you ever think of ways to boost your kid’s immune system? Do you have any family secrets that helped you and your loved ones keep your health stronger? You could help lots of anxious moms out there by sharing your experience!


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