10 Weeks Pregnant: End of the Critical Phase

    10 Weeks Pregnant

    Your pregnancy progresses: you are 10 weeks pregnant now. With this week, the most difficult and critical phase of pregnancy ends. It’s during the first 8-10 weeks that the influence of all the negative factors like stress, illnesses and various medicines is especially dangerous. All of this may have a destructive impact on your baby’s development.

    Now that the first 9 weeks are over, all vital organs are formed, but they keep growing and developing. The placenta is also fully formed by now and has already started functioning. Now it’s responsible for all the metabolic processes and protects your baby from harmful substances. This all means that high-risk period of pregnancy has passed. Don’t get too relaxed, though: you still have 30 weeks to go, and they will bring lots of surprises, both pleasant and unpleasant ones.

    What can you feel?

    Pregnancy toxemia symptoms are still haunting you. In fact, they may even become stronger, so you should arm yourself with patience and follow your doctor’s recommendations.

    Nausea and vomiting may be joined by heartburn. This happens because muscles that separate your stomach from the food pipe contract letting undigested food into the food pipe. As a result, gastric acid irritates the sensitive mucous lining of the food pipe and you experience the burning sensation and sometimes even pain in your chest. That’s why you can also have stomachache or gripes in your stomach area. Unfortunately, all of these unpleasant symptoms may stay with you during the entire period of pregnancy.

    Apart from the other things, you may also feel the frequent urge to urinate. It happens because the growing uterus creates pressure on your bladder. In some cases, this may be followed by the urinary incontinence, especially when you are coughing, laughing of sneezing. This is more typical during consecutive pregnancies, though, as well as during later weeks.

    What is going on?

    Your uterus keeps growing steadily. Now it’s situated just a little above the share bone. You may notice that your favorite pants have become somewhat tighter in the waist. If you had a flat belly before, now you may notice that your lower belly area has become more rounded. But others still don’t notice anything out of normal.

    At this point, you may notice some skin pigmentation. Hair starts growing faster; some small hairs may appear on your stomach, chest and face. Don’t be frightened by the fact: it’s just one of the side effects of hormonal changes in your body. These symptoms will vanish after the childbirth, during the first month or two following it (depending on your individual characteristics).

    How is your baby doing?

    Your baby now is as big as a strawberry now: his height is 31-42 mm, his weight is 5 g.

    10th week of pregnancy is the 8th week of the embryonic period. Your baby keeps developing actively. As a rule, they don’t do the ultrasound examination during this pregnancy week unless there are some special reasons. Still, your doctor may tell you that your baby’s skeleton structure, which consisted of fragile and soft cartilage before, starts turning into hard bone tissue. This means that calcium becomes an essential element in your body — and there may even be some calcium deficiency.

    Your baby’s face

    The embryo’s face and lower jaw are already formed, but the facial muscles only start developing. The upper lip is developing quite actively too, the embryo’s nose is covered with the thick mucous layer, but it’s still not completely formed (though olfactory receptors are already there).

    General development

    The mouth muscular tissue starts developing. Taste buds start appearing on your baby’s tongue. Chewing muscles develop gradually, as well as neck and throat muscles.

    The embryo’s stomach moves lower and positions itself in its rightful place. Now it will grow and transform actively preparing to start its important work. The process of nerve endings formation gets launched.

    Your baby’s heart beats incredibly quickly, about 160-170 heartbeats per second. He grows fast; his size now is 28-33 mm, his head is bigger than the rest of the body. Right now your baby weighs about 3-4 grams.


    As a mom-to-be, you should be very careful. Try to avoid stressful situations and don’t overstrain yourself. Have more rest, gain more energy: you still have a long way to go.

    Every pregnancy, just like every woman, is unique. So no doubt, every woman has something interesting to tell others about this period of pregnancy! Please share your experience with us and other moms.


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