10 Things You Need In Your Diaper Bag

    Diaper Bag

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    Regardless of the fact that you are a first-time mom or an experienced caregiver, the fact that you get to deal with kids day-in-day-out, you must know the benefits of a diaper bag. A diaper bag is supposed to hold all the things that you and your baby must have with you so long as you are leaving the house.

    Unfortunately, your baby needs so many things, the list is simply endless. A diaper bag is most cases cannot accommodate all that your baby needs, so you have to decide what is a must have and what you can comfortably do without.

    The best way of making sure that you maximize your diaper bag with essentials is by making a list of all the must-haves when it comes to a diaper bag. Once you have all the essentials in your diaper bag, if there is space you can add any other extra items you think you or your baby could need. If you feel that you are not sure which items qualify as essential in a diaper bag, worry not. Outlined is a list of 10 items that you need in your diaper bag.


    One essential item that is a must-have in a diaper bag is a diaper. It is advisable to put one diaper to cater for one or two hours that you will be out. Due to the fact that diapers are quite light and flexible, you can pack six or even eight diapers in your diaper bag without an issue.


    Wipes serve an equivalent purpose with diapers. It is advisable to have as many wipes as your diaper bag can accommodate, wipes do come in handy especially during those messy moments. Wipes serve two main purposes; wiping the baby clean when before replacing a messed up diaper and to also keep your baby clean and presentable.

    Extra set of clothes

    Just in case your wipes and diapers fail you, it is advisable to have an extra set of clothes. In most cases your baby always ends up having to have a change of clothes, maybe due to the diaper not holding or your baby spilled some smoothie all over their outfit. Always make sure you include an entire outfit. You can never predict where the mess will be, so just be on the safe side by having an entire outfit.


    If you anticipate being out with your baby for quite some time or during the feeding period, then you may need to carry a feeding bottle. If your baby is not breastfed anymore, the only way you will be in a position to soothe him or she will be by use of a bottle. A breastfeeding mom can also pump her milk into a bottle then pack for the baby instead of breastfeeding the baby in public. If you happen to feed your baby formula, then you are supposed to keep it separate from water, till when the baby will cry for food. At this point, you will pour the formula into the bottle then add some warm water.


    This mostly applies to babies who are on formula. You can consider purchasing a container that comfortable fit in your diaper bag for carrying the baby’s formula. For people who must measure the amount of formula the baby will consume, you can measure the formula then pour it into the bottle. When feeding times comes all you will have to do is pour in some water.


    For babies who use pacifiers, it is essential to have a few on hand. Pacifiers tend to get lost easily; it is, therefore, advisable to have several just in case. You also need to always replace a lost pacifier with a new one. This will ensure that you don’t find yourself without a pacifier when you need one.

    Burp clothes

    Burp clothes have various purposes in a diaper bag. As much as most parents carry burp clothes to burp their baby after they have had their meal, you might also need them for wiping of unexpected spills and spit-ups. You can also use the burp clothes on yourself if you happen to spill anything on yourself. The best part about burp clothes is the fact that they are flexible and compact. You can always fit them in your diaper bag.

    Receiving blanket

    Just like burp clothes, receiving blankets have several purposes. As much as a receiving blanket consumes quite some space in your diaper bag, it comes in very handy. You can use it to wrap your baby when you are out, you can use it as a blanket for your baby just in case the weather becomes unfavorable or you can even use it to cover yourself when breastfeeding your baby.

    Changing pad

    Most diaper bags come with a changing pad. A changing pad mainly helps in making sure that any surface is sanitary enough to place your baby on it for changing. Most changing pads happen to be water resistant. If your baby happens to make a mess, you can comfortably wash the changing pad, fold it and then put it back in your diaper bag.

    Emergency numbers

    This is the smallest, yet the most important item one must have in a diaper bag. You may never know when the need to contact your doctor or healthcare provider will arise. It does not matter, whether you have emergency numbers on your phone, it is advisable to also have them on hand. Emergency numbers could include your spouse, pediatrician, family members (mom, dad or siblings), neighbor, work and any other number you think may be of need. As far as babies are concerned, even a slight inconvenience can result into a small catastrophe.


    If you happen not to carry a different purse, then here are essentials for mom that will need to be in the diaper bag: wallet, cell phone, keys (house and car), pen and paper, a bottle of water and a new blouse just in case of a spill or spit-out. With all that said, you now know 10 must haves for every diaper.


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