What is Fertility

What is Fertility and Ovulation? Getting Pregnant

Sooner or later a woman wonders: "what is fertility?" Well it’s simple: fertility is an ability of a human body for reproduction. This ability...
Ovulation Signs

4 Main Ovulation Signs: Best Time for Conception

Ovulation signs are a way your body tells you that you are ready to conceive a baby: during the time when an egg travels...


4 Weeks Pregnant

4 Weeks Pregnant: Your Pregnancy Week-by-Week

Every future mom, right after finding out she is 4 weeks pregnant, wants to learn as much about her pregnancy as possible. So how...
Plush Toy

Plush Toy is Mom’s Assistant

Baby’s favorite plush toy can easily help you, parents, understand what your little one is thinking about. Though the baby is very young, his...

Massaging a Baby on Ball

Massaging a baby on ball is very useful. Simple rocking develops Vestibular System. Funny exercises on the ball help: - relax, - relieve hypertonicity, - relax the abdominal muscles, - improve digestion, - reduce colic, - improve...
Language Delay

Language Delay in Kids: Reasons and Warning Signs

Factors that may cause the language delay in children are numerous. They may have either biological or socio-pedagogical background (or even both). 3-10% of...


Christmas Vacation pic, image

14 Best Ways to Spend Christmas Vacation as a Family

Christmas vacation is created so that the whole family can spend the time together, get closer to each other. Parents, always busy working and...
Put On and take Off

Put On and Take Off

The game "Put On and Take Off" is recommended for the 11 month olds. But younger babies can play it as well, for all...
Roll the Ball

Roll the Ball

The essence of the game is to roll the ball under the bridge. First, make a bridge. Take three wooden or plastic building blocks, and...

Ten Bananas



How Proper Speech Breathing Influences Language Development

Today I’m continuing the several part series about activities for language development in children, and this time I will focus on proper speech breathing...

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