5 Mythical Worries Every New Mom-to-Be Must Allay

A wise person once said that you can truly become a woman only after you give birth to a child. And every mom-to-be certainly...
Get Pregnant

Preparing Mentally to Get Pregnant: Simple and Important Tips

Have you decided to get pregnant? You should then start preparing for pregnancy and motherhood right now. First of all, tune your mind and body...


11 Weeks Pregnant

11 Weeks Pregnant: Moving On

What happens now that you are 11 weeks pregnant? The first trimester closes to an end, pregnancy toxemia recedes and you are starting to...
Newborn Checklist image, pic

Newborn Checklist: Top 6 Things Your Newborn Really Needs

There is lots of information, printed and online one that tells you what stuff you should buy to simplify your little one’s first year...
Influence of Television

Influence of Television on Children under One Year of Age

Let’s talk about the influence of television on babies and try to understand whether it is useful for young children to watch TV or...
Speech Breathing

Exercises for Speech Breathing Development in Children

The last time I was talking about the correlation between speech breathing and language development in children. So now let’s practice some entertaining exercises...



Ten Bananas

Ten Bananas is an activity that helps your baby gain his first counting skills. Teach or review counting to from 1 to 10. Take 10...
Oranges and Lemons

Oranges and Lemons

With the help of this activity learning food will be funny and yummy. Your little one will like it very much and he will...


Money Management pic, image

Money Management: Saving and Distributing Your Money as a New Parent

Money management is a cute issue in lots of families, especially for new parents. Just under half of Americans spend more than they earn each...

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